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Getting support
The preferred way to get support or report bugs is to use the forum.

If you're question is of a more general kind (general mp3 questions or questions regarding usage of LAME), please try using some informed places elsewhere first, e.g. the forum at r3mix.net. Also, don't forget to check out the Links section, one link or the other might be useful for you.

For more technical stuff, you might try to take a look at the mp3encoder mailing list first.

Please don't ask me stuff regarding Delphi programming; the source is available, so "Use the source, Luke"! Besides, the Borland newsgroups offer excellent support, so use them!
Supporting RazorLame
There are many ways you can support RazorLame.

I'm always looking for people who are willing to lend a hand here and there. Besides the obvious programming stuff, there's still no proper documentation or help file. Anyone good with Gimp or Photoshop? Why not create some sneak new XP like icons for RazorLame? If you want to help in one way or the other, please contact me.

Another way would be to click the above banner and sign up at EMusic.com. If you are into MP3 music (and I doubt that you're not, otherwise I don't think you'd be here ;-), why not consider signing up at EMusic.com? Even when you sign up for the free trial subscription I'll get a buck.

Alternatively, you might want to motivate me (or just say thanks) by putting a few dollars in my PayPal account. But of course no one has to feel obliged to do any of this, RazorLame is here to stay free and Open Source!
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