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The Main-Window
The first step when using RazorLame is to add some files. You can use the "Add" button, press Ctrl-O, use the menu, or simply drop some files onto the listview. If you drop a folder, audio files be added recursively for that folder.

The Main Window

You can sort the list by clicking on the header buttons, just as you would do in Explorer. Also, you can change the encoding order through drag and drop.

The Options-Dialog
This is the options dialog of RazorLame. Normally, you won't have to set many things here.

The Options-Dialog

The most important item is of course the location of the LAME executable, so it's probably a good idea to check if you've got it right.

The LAME Options-Dialog
In this dialog you'll find almost all the options LAME has to offer. Simply choose whatever you want, and you're ready to start encoding.

The LAME Options-Dialog

If you ever want to encode using an option RazorLame doesn't support through it's interface, just add it in the field "custom options" on the "Expert" page. You can also load some presets, or save the settings you use often.

The Progress-Dialog
Here you can see what LAME is currently doing, and how long it thinks it will take.

The Progress-Dialog

When you press the "Send to tray" button, RazorLame will minimize to the system tray. When you check the "Shutdown windows when done" option, RazorLame will try to shutdown windows when the batch is through. Before that, it'll countdown for 30 seconds, so in case you've changed your mind, you still can prevent it.

The Histogram
When you're doing ABR or VBR encodings, you can choose to display a histogram to watch how the bitrates of the currently encoded song are chosen.

The Histogram

Also, if you choose to do joint-stereo, you can see how many LR or MS frames are used. If you don't know exactly what this all means, never mind, but it sure looks cool, don't you think? ;-)

Page created: 11. June 2000
Page changed: 08. December 2001
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