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Here are some links which you might find helpful. If you think I've missed an important link, please feel free to mail me a suggestion, and I'll consider to put it here as well.
  • LAME
    To use RazorLame you'll need LAME! So head over and grab a copy of the best free mp3 encoder currently available!

  • HydrogenAudio
    "The audio technology enthusiast's resource" is the slogan of HydrogenAudio, and boy, do they mean it! Searching through the forums there you will find a plethora of information about audio technology in general and MP3 compression in particular. Highly recommended!

  • TB2
    TB2 is the site behind the man who made this incredible new look of the RazorLame site. You should visit TB2 if you're interested in Winamp skins, and if you're looking for a cool guy to make you a web site, or a banner, go hire Taber. And oh, btw, many thanks again, Taber!

  • alternate CDFS
    There's an alternate CDFS driver floating around which allows you to grab wave files directly through the file system. Using this driver allows you to encode directly from CD. However, this driver will not work with every system.
    Note: I'm not the author of this driver and really don't know much about it, so please don't send me mails asking me questions about it, I don't know the answers! Sorry!

  • RazorBlade
    RazorBlade is the older brother of RazorLame; it's a front-end for BladeEnc, another free mp3 encoder.
Sites that list RazorLame
Here are sites I'm aware of that link to RazorLame. If I've missed one, please let me know.
  • RazorLame Tutorial at The Coaster Factory
    A quite comprehensive and very good introduction on how to get, setup and use LAME and RazorLame. Definitely worth checking out!
  • JTHZ.com
    Julius explains how to use LAME and RazorLame, and how to set them up to create top notch audio quality.
  • MAZ Sound
    A sound site that doesn't concentrate entirely on MP3, but gives also links to Trackers, Sample Editors etc. pp.
  • DailyMP3.com
    A quite complete MP3 Software archive (Encoders, Rippers, Plugins, Skins) which is updated daily.
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