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12. February 2006
Maintenance Release

Today I've released RazorLame 1.1.5a. As you can tell from the version number, the changes are really minute: I've simple updated the RazorLame.dat file, the executable is still the same as of version 1.1.5. However, through this change, problems that occured with newer LAME versions like 3.97b should be gone now.

Users that already updated this file manually don't need to install this update.

16. February 2003
Three Mods and half a million downloads!

A couple of months ago I received two localized versions of RazorLame. I wanted to publish them, but somehow... I forgot. I'm terribly sorry, I stumbled across those archives again just recently. So, finally, here they are:

Important notice: Please understand that I didn't test them at all, so I cannot make any guarantees what so ever: use them at your own risk!

This month has also seen the crossing of the half a million download threshold of RazorLame 1.1.5 since it's release - wow, that's quite impressive! (And keep in mind that's not counting downloads from other sources...) Thanks to everyone who has made this success possible!

I'd like to especially thank those 89 people who have donated over that last year: it's always very nice when an mail comes in telling me somebody donated a few Dollars or Euros.

As for the future of RazorLame: I really want to get out a slightly updated version within the next couple of months. Nothing big, just a few tiny bugs fixed, new settings and a few small enhancements. Well, let's just hope that I find the time for this!

11. March 2002
Forum updated & Status
I've just updated the forum to the latest version of phpBB. Though this is still not labeled "final", RC-3 seems to be good enough and offers some nice improvements over 1.4.4, so I think it's worth it. It's not yet in the design of the rest of the site, and I'm not sure if that'll happen soon. Or at all. But the default "SubSilver" theme of phpBB2 is very nice anyway.

Since it's December release RazorLame 1.1.5 got downloaded over 73 thousand times from this site alone. That's over 800 downloads per day, or you could say that every two minutes a copy of RazorLame is downloaded! In the same timeframe I got six donations. I'd like to use this occasion to thank those six kind people very much!

Unfortunately, not much is happening right now development wise. After almost 4 years of working on mp3 encoder front-ends, I'm finally losing the interest in it personally. RL does what I want and need quite well, and while there certainly could be some nice improvements made, I'm just not feeling like I really should sacrifice my precious spare time on it.

Does this mean that this is the end of RazorLame? Well, I don't think so. It's still available, the source is there, and there's a nice forum for getting support. And who knows what the future will bring? ;)

28. December 2001
RazorLame 1.1.5 source code available
The source code of RazorLame 1.1.5 is now available for download on the Development page. If you're a Delphi programmer and want to help improve RazorLame or just peek into it, here's your chance.
12. December 2001
RazorLame 1.1.5 available, new site look, new forum
Lots of new stuff! Most important: a new stable release of RazorLame is finally available! Get it from the download page!

The most obvious news is that the site got a nice new overhaul thanks to the skills of TB2! I find it incredible that, somehow, RazorLame is related to the official Lord of the Rings Winamp skin. And it won't stop there! I really suggest you take a look at TB2 for yourself. Many thanks again, Taber, especially for being so patient with me.

Also, I have changed my ISP and can now offer a nice forum without annoying pop-ups. The downside: the posts so far cannot be imported into the new forum, and neither can the user info. Sorry for the inconvenience this will mean, but I think it's still better this way. Of course, the old forum is still there for searching.

Partially this new forum was made possible by people who clicked the above banner and signed up at EMusic.com. If you'd like to support me and RazorLame, and if you are into MP3 music (and I doubt that you're not, otherwise I don't think you'd be here ;-), please consider signing up at EMusic.com. Even when you sign up for the free trial subscription I'll get a buck.

Alternatively, you might want to motivate me (or just say thanks) by putting a few dollars in my PayPal account. But of course no one has to feel obliged to do any of this, RazorLame is here to stay free and Open Source!
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