What's New?

Version 1.1.5a (12. February 2006)
(-) fixes problems with newer LAME versions through
    a RazorLame.dat update
(*) Removed outdated r3mix presets
Version 1.1.5 (12. December 2001)
(+) some GUI features: font selection, XP-like menus 
    and toolbars, support for XP Themes
(*) enhanced & nicer histogram display
(*) progress dialog remembers if histogram was shown
(+) double click on listview entries starts 
    associated program
(*) Application Title now shows batch progress
(*) Status Bar shows current LAME setting
(*) added more option files which are similar to the 
    presets of LAME 3.90
(-) yet another try to fix the "average value 
    missing" bug
(-) should fix problems with large fonts
(-) fixed decimal-point problem for rlo files
(-) some smaller changes and bug fixes
Version 1.1.4 (12. April 2001)
(+) Added some option files. Thanks to Gabriel Bouvigne
    of http://www.mp3-tech.org for providing them!    
(-) Now handles the "use source" checkbox for the
    output directory correctly
(-) histogram is now displayed correctly for all 
    VBR/ABR modes
(-) Summary line for ABR/VBR ("average bitrate") is
    finally added to log for all cases. (I hope...)
(*) Files > 2 GB are correctly displayed now, however,
    progress isn't displayed on large file for now
(-) some smaller fixes
Version 1.1.3
was an internal-only release and is now the base for
1.2.0, which is currently developed. Current source 
of 1.2.0 can be obtained through CVS at 
Version 1.1.2a (26. March 2001)
(-) Added some messages to RazorLame.dat, as there was
    trouble with some popular compiled versions of 
    LAME 3.88 beta
Version 1.1.2 (21. January 2001)
(+) If LAME outputs a histogram during encoding, RL can
    now display this histogram graphically as well.    
(+) You can now set the default priority of the 
    encoding thread.
(+) You can now choose what RL should do if "shutdown 
    Windows when done" is checked. Options include 
    Hibernate, Suspend, Log Off, Just close RL, 
    Reboot, and of course, shutdown.
(+) You can now save option settings in a file.
    And of course load them again ;-)
(*) The progress window is now resizable.
(*) The option dialog is now splitted in a "program"
    options and a "LAME" options dialog.
(*) The LAME options dialog now always show the
    resulting LAME switches without the need for
    pressing a "show" button.
(*) You can now move columns of the listview.
    However, layout of listview isn't stored yet.
(*) "View Log" window now has a "delete log" button.
(*) added support for "--athshort" and "-q" switches.
    Added a "default" mode for the channel modes.
(*) hopefully the output directory option is now
    more intuitive.
(-) RL now uses less CPU time (i.e. it updates the 
    progress window only once in a second, when in
    tray it updates it only every ten seconds.)
(-) fixed problems with some mp3 files (e.g.
    "trimmed") when decoding or re-encoding
(-) Probably more smaller fixes I cannot think of 
    right now.
Version 1.1.1 (29. October 2000)
(*) better handling of LAME 3.87 beta
(*) Nicer application icon and toolbar images,
    thanks to Jan Hryz <jan.hryz at email.cz>
(*) You can now delete files after decoding as well!
(*) Improved listview, shows associated icon and type
(*) Improvements for handling a lot of files
(*) some smaller, rather cosmetic changes
(-) "-B" option was ignored for ABR
Version 1.1.0 (20. August 2000)
(+) You can now decode mp3 files using LAME! 
    (Needs at least version 3.84!)
(+) added support for --abr 
    (average bitrate aka Safe VBR)
(*) Some system stuff is now read from a *.dat file
    This allows for a bit more flexibility in regard
    of future LAME versions.
(*) Hints are now visible for 10 seconds so those
    in the options dialog can be better read
(*) When sorting paths, use filename as second sort 
(*) Same small, rather cosmetic changes
(-) fixed a bug when entering an output directory
    without a trailing backslash lead to unexpected
Version 1.0.2 (02. July 2000)
(+) new advanced option: delete file after encoding
(+) When VBR is used, show bitrate histogram on log 
    (if encoder version outputs it!)
(*) Progress dialog now also shows elapsed time
    for batch
(-) when no output directory is given, encoded file
    is stored where input file is
(-) making it impossible to set the quality in the 
    VBR tab of the options higher than 9
(-) Delete 0 byte output files after an error occurred
Version 1.0.1 (25. June 2000)
First public release.
Some bug fixes, some improvements.
Version 1.0.0 (06. June 2000)
First semi-public beta release
Page created: 11. June 2000
Page changed: 12. February 2006
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